Bradbury Museum
Living With Wildfire

Why is the Museum recording stories about wildfire?
Living with wildfire is an experience shared by many living in areas threatened by wildfire. The Museum is collecting personal stories about wildfire because we think these shared experiences bring a community together and reflect a community bond strengthened in difficult times through compassion, generosity, and hope.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up on the Bradbury Science Museum's website. Click here to sign up and reserve a time in the Museum's recording booth.

Where do I tell my story?
The recording booth is located in the Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos, NM. Click here for a map and directions to the Museum.

What do I do when I get to the Museum?
We ask that you come a few minutes before your scheduled time. Check in with Museum staff, who will assist you in getting started and answering any questions you might have.

How much time do I have to tell my story?
A touch-screen computer in the recording booth will step you through three prompts, giving you 45 seconds to answer each:

What happens to my story after I record it?
We will review your story and photos and then combine them for posting on our website and at the Museum's exhibit. We will notify you by email when it is posted. However, if we deem the story or photos to be inappropriate, we will not post them online or show them at the Museum. Your story may be shortened to fit our exhibit format.

Can I listen to other people's stories?
Yes. We encourage visitors to listen to other stories on our website and at the Museum's Living with Wildfire exhibit listening station. The Living with Wildfire exhibit is in the Museum's Research Gallery, along with other information about wildfire in this region.

Do I have to be from New Mexico to record a story?
No. We welcome all stories of experiences with wildfire wherever you're from.

Can I tell my story with someone else in the recording booth?
Yes. Feel free to bring a friend, a family member, or a child. The recording booth can accommodate three people.

Can my child tell a story?
Yes, we welcome storytellers of all ages as long as they can respond to the story prompts. Children must be under adult supervision in the recording booth.

If I mess up, do I get a second chance?
Absolutely. We recommend that you practice with a timer before you come to the recording booth.

Will you take photos?
Yes. We'll take photos of you in the recording booth, both while you tell your story and after. We will prompt you when we're taking photos. If you bring an object, you'll be able to hold it up in the photos.

Can I upload my own photos to go with my story?
Yes. You can upload one to four photos when you sign up to tell your story. Click here to go to the Living with Wildfire sign-up page.

What if I have more than one story to tell?
In the interest of collecting a variety of stories from many people, we ask that you limit yourself to one story. What is the story you most want to tell?

Is the Museum and recording booth handicapped accessible?
Yes. Both are ADA compliant and can accommodate most wheelchairs and mobility devices.

What should I wear to the recording booth?
Dress as you normally would when visiting the Museum. We will take photos during the recording. If a uniform is important to your story, you're more than welcome to wear it when you tell your story.

Can I share a story I like on Facebook or Twitter?
Yes. After you listen to a story online or at the Museum, you have a choice of sharing the story with others by posting the story link on a Facebook page or on Twitter. You can also email the story link to someone.

What if I have questions or concerns about the story I recorded?
Please send an email to; someone will respond to your email as soon as possible.