Bradbury Museum
Living With Wildfire

Reserve a time to tell your story
You must come into the Museum's recording booth to tell your story. You can reserve a time on our online reserve system here.

What story should you tell?
We welcome all stories related to wildfire, from the difficult stories of loss to the hopeful stories of recovery, and all stories in between. Your story should be a personal story about your experience with wildfire.

Prepare for your story
Before you record your story, think about what story you'd like to tell and what object, photo, or memory best illustrates it. Good stories have a beginning, middle and end, and paint a picture for the listener. How does your object, photo, or memory help you tell the story of your wildfire experience?

Story keyword
When you're here, we'll ask you to choose a keyword that best fits your story. The keyword will help viewers search for stories at the exhibit. The keywords are Evacuation, Fear, Firefighting, Helping, Loss, Managing, Protecting, Recovery, and Volunteering.

In the recording booth
To help you tell your story, a touch-screen computer in the recording booth will step you through three prompts, giving you 45 seconds to answer each one: